Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! we've been busy all evening preparing for the big day tomorrow. I can hardly wait for the girls to open their presents and meet their new pet. We Picked up our new family member on Monday and have been Hiding her in the Guest room ever since. Its been hard keeping such a big secret from the kids. I'm the kind of person who likes to give gifts more than receiving them. But my major down fall is I have a hard time keeping the secret I like my gifts to be opened immediately. Ive done a good job keeping Andrews gifts a secret but now that they are wrapped and under the tree I can hardly wait for him to open them.
I try to teach the kids about the joy of giving this time of year. We in turn don't spend alot of money on presents yet try and pick out a handful of fairly small gifts for them and make the day more about experiences and spending time with the family. Tomorrow after a morning of presents and a yummy breakfast we are going to relax watch Christmas movies Give the wee one a nap and then head to Point Defiance Zoo for a evening at Zoo lights. Should be a very magical day.
So Merry Christmas to you Hope your day is as amazing as I foresee ours to be.

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