Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh goodness

So Halloween came and went and then Thanksgiving filled with Turkey goodness. In the midst of all this we got so busy with "house stuff" that I realized I hadn't updated the blog in months. wow.
so here we are almost settled in our new house. that's right our new house. it seemed like this process took forever. after about a thousand papers signed translating to about 50 trees killed we finally signed our last paper and got started on the exhausting process of making this house our home. we demo'd, patched, textured, primered, painted, floored, and then finally moved. now we have been unpacking a process that I feel will never ever be over. Maybe I should just throw out the rest right?
we still have a few projects left that will really help "finish" the house. we need to rip up the carpet on the stairs and hang curtains in the dinning room. this weekend we will finish the fence in the front yard.

Now we didn't do all this by our selves we had many people helping us with projects on the house, watching the children and advise and support. a huge thanks to all of you including:
And all the others that I have forgotten in my sleep deprived ramblings.
we are hoping to have a little house warming party either end of January or early February. Look out for your invite in the mail. :)

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kendravroman said...

yay! Thanks for the update! I can't wait to see your house!