Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's get physical

So an update on the ole diet. Well I started out Monday with a salt water cleanse. Never again never ever again. Gave me the worst headache and tasted like cr#p. I finished out the day on Monday doing fantastically well. I made homemade Tomato soup and asparagus for dinner. Very Yummy. Then Tuesday came...
Well Tuesday I got a very special visitor as to not cross the line of tmi lets just say i haven't seen this friend since I got pregnant with Giada. SO I started the day with a headache, still, and totally exhausted with no motivation. Started my day with a super smoothie (see below for ingredients), had some nuts and raisins for a snack mid day and a plate of steamed zucchini for lunch. then dinner rolled around and i was hungry and needing something other than vegetables so I ate with the rest of the family and had Chicken Fajitas. That being said really I only had some chicken with lots of green and red peppers with Lime. It was really good and I didn't eat the carbs, which tend to be my biggest diet killer. I also didn't have cheese because I had eaten some for a snack earlier that day. So far ending the day with a reasonable low calorie count and still eating healthy over all.
I decided that this was a good lesson in following what my body needs. obviously at this time my body was craving proteins so I fed it proteins. I plan on keeping this trend going. trying to fill my diet with lots of fruits and vegetables while adding in nuts, lean meats and lots of water.
As I don't own a scale I will let you know what kind of weight loss Ive accomplished when I get to one.
As far as exercise, I need to get off my butt and do some I'm just so exhausted but I need to push past it and do something other than house work. I know I will feel allot better in the long run if I do! So here's my pledge today 30min Cardio and 20 min strength training. Its not much but its a start then maybe if the snow is all melted by this afternoon I will either go for a jog or take the kids for a nice long walk.

Super Smoothies

about half a handful frozen blue berries
a few frozen raspberries
about 4 frozen cherries
about a cup and a half fresh baby spinach
about 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt
juice and zest of one small orange
a half a teaspoon cinnamon
blend up and drink I usually have enough to share with Keiani and Giada as well and they love it!
I need to get some flax seed and cucumber to add to it as well.
A side note: it is also completely necessary to drink it with a crazy straw.

inspiration :)

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kendravroman said...

You're doing a good job! You are super good at cooking with healthy ingredients, too! keep up your motivation!