Monday, January 17, 2011

Guess whos becoming a big girl!

We broke the news to Keiani that her sister was no longer a baby but is now becoming a big girl. I'm not quiet sure Giada realizes this yet but soon enough. After 16 months of sleeping with mommy and daddy we have decided that it is time for Giada to move to her own bed. At times it seemed like such a good idea, like when shes nursed alllllll night long, or when she would kick Andrew and I in the face or climbed all over the bed in an attempt to get comfortable. We allowed both girls the same luxury of snuggling with mommy and daddy until it just wasn't working for one or both of the parties. For Keiani it was between 9 months and 2 years she slowly spent longer and longer in her own bed.
It was getting to the point that Andrew and I weren't getting any sleep and at least one day a week Giada would just kick Andrew out of bed altogether. I was starting to miss my husband and was getting uncomfortable with the fact that sleeping without him was the norm. This last weekend Keiani was spending a long weekend with Nana and we saw an opportunity to transition Giada to her new room.
Night 1: Ahhhhhhhhh! not a good night.... Giada was tired unusually early and was asking to go to bed a good 3 hours earlier than normal. Weird. Well I tried to stretch out bed time routine so we could still hit as close to bed time as possible in hopes that it would translate into a good nights sleep. big mistake... Giada went to sleep with just a few whimpers when she realized that this was not the bed she had become accustomed to. But after about 20 minutes she fell asleep and i had high hopes. 40 minutes later she was up and that lasted a good 2 hours. 2 hours of crying. it was spectacular. But I stayed strong wouldn't let her come to Mommy's bed and eventually she fell asleep. Unfortunately it didn't last long. at least every 30 minutes she was up and even with Andrew and I tending to her she was fussy, grumpy and discontent.
Looking back on that night I realize that the poor girl probably just needed a nap and that when she woke up we should have allowed her to get up maybe have a snack and play for that 2 hours instead of insisting she sleep. but it was a learning experience for every one.
Night 2: ahhh... but a good ahhh. We snuggled got a night time diaper on and read our books, said goodnight to daddy and headed to bed. Giada and I had a good long snuggle before bed this time. I rocked her a bit and sang songs and when she laid down in her bed there was barley a whimper. She relaxed and melted into her bed and quickly fell asleep. She only woke up about 4-5 times each time she quickly fell back to sleep and so did we. She was up at about 7 am and came to snuggle in bed with mommy and daddy. She nursed and magically fell back asleep till almost 9 am. I remembered what it felt like to actually sleep. It was glorious.
Night 3: First night sharing a room with Keiani. It was a bit disheveled. Keiani and Giada were hyper and excited to see each other and play and share a room. After books and such we all got to bed. Keiani was a little jealous that Giada was getting a bit more attention at bed time and made it know. But after much resistance from Giada she fell asleep. It was a rough night she was up a lot.
This was also a good learning experience for everyone.
We shall see how this night treats us lets hope everyone will soon fall into a good rhythm and we will all start sleeping a lot more.
P.S. down 7 lbs! yeah me.

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