Friday, January 7, 2011

Cleaning house

So in September I started a diet lost 7 lbs and now a few months later gained it back. I dont know why I do this but i would really love to get back to feeling great and looking alot better. so to kick off all this I am doing a living cleanse. This means only eating "living" foods. No meat. mostly fruits and vegtables, usually a 60/40 blend sence fruit tends to have a high sugar content. Adding in yogurts, nuts, and herbs and water and teas.
I will stick to this for 5 days starting on Monday. Hoping that this is a push to include it into my life more regularly. I have so many plans to work out I just need to take advantage of the opportunities that I have and use them. Let hope Giada starts sleeping so that I can also get a bit more sleep in.
All in all healthier living. Healthier family.
 Time to be honest with my self and honest with my family and friends. The people that love me and will hopefully push me in the right direction.
I will try and post progress. Not just weight loss but diet progress. Feelings, work outs and how the family is ajusting around all this new stuff.
Lets see if I can find a current "before" picture and hopefully have even better after pictures to post soon.
I figure if I put it all out there Ill have alot of people keeping me honest and on track.


Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. I will support you in your desire to lose weight. What are your favorite vegetables to eat? Karen

hippimomma said...

karen favorite veg: spinach, cucumber, zuchini, tomatoes, asparagus, bell peppers especially red and yellow. hmm just about like them all except lima beans, beets, cooked carrots and mushrooms.

kendravroman said...

I'm rootin' for ya. I think you did just fine having some meat.