Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick and easy super yummyness

There are some nights ok alot of nights that I wait way to long to figure out what to make for dinner. On these occasions I hate turning to junk food or typical quick food. So I have found a few recipes I can whip up that are not only tastey but fairly healthy. This meal is brought to you curtesy of Costco and their yummy food.

Spinach and Mozzerella Ravioli with roasted tomatoes and spinach
Costco has this supper yummy packaged Ravioli stuffed with spinach and mozzerella, I boil them up
throw a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes in the oven @ 450 drizzeled with a bit of olive oil, unitll they burst and look yummy
I chop up fresh spinach and some green onions.
In a bowl I put in the spinach and onion and toss the the roasted tomatoes on top once the pasta is done I scoop it into a platter and top with the veggie mixture. I add alittle bit of the pasta watter to let the spinach wilt a bit then top with the herb/parmesean mixture that comes with the ravioli.

All of these ingredience come from Costco :) even the veggies and olive oil I love Costco.
All in all about 10 min and voila! a yummy meal every one loves thats less than 500 calories per serving!

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